To get the exponential freedom we want, one of the most helpful exercises is to think of our businesses as a machine. What are the key differences between a rockstar business and a YouX machine? What new categories of service can come from a YouX machine? What is a managed service business? On this episode I talk about what a YouX machine is, and the potential is unlocks.

3 Things We Learned

If most of the value in our business is delivered by our time, effort and energy, we don’t really have a machine, we have a Rockstar business. In a YouX Machine, value is delivered by People and Systems, not just us.

There’s huge potential in managed services, which is bringing multiple vendors and professionals to solve a problem that can’t be solved as individuals.

Scaling up with employees is difficult and prevents us from being fast, fluid and mobile.

A YouX Machine creates a lot more value and impact than a Rockstar business because our time, effort and energy are highly leveraged. Thinking of our business as a machine forces us to get things done through Systems and People, not ourselves. Managed Services are specific type of a YouX Machine that could become a huge category in the coming years. Building a YouX Machine beats scaling up through employees because it keeps us nimble, agile, and we can easily pivot and adjust to the economy as it changes.

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How to Get Featured On the Right Podcasts & Leverage Outside Audiences to Grow Your Business

Right now your competitors are out there….

  • Getting featured on podcasts
  • Speaking on stages
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So when your prospects are thinking of a service like yours, are you the very FIRST name that comes to mind?

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Podcast interviews.

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