Focus is what gives us the ability to get better and build real expertise that’s rare and valuable in the market. -Matt Johnson

Having a great vision for where we want to go doesn’t make us immune to distractions and things that pull our attention away. What are the 3 factors I believe cause a loss of focus? How do we quench our intellectual and creative curiosity in a way that won’t take us off track? What do we do in the gap between our action and when it starts to pay off?

On this episode, I continue the conversation on focus and discuss what triggers distractions, how to mitigate those triggers or prevent them from coming up in the first place.

3 Things We Learned

  • The dip: how to prepare for it, make the best strategic decisions possible up front, and narrow our focus when it happens.
  • Intellectual and emotional curiosity: how to take pleasure in smaller range of variety and dedicate only a percentage of our time to new opportunities.
  • Scarcity: How to balance the seen vs the unseen



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