In this time of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to build real, enduring influence with the right people.

Here are 3 reasons this is so important right NOW.


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The larger and more general the audience, the harder it is to come up with a Clear & Compelling Idea. People want to follow leaders who deeply understand them and their problems. So they naturally gravitate towards leaders who speak more specifically and offer more specific solutions. To find a Clear & Compelling Idea with mass appeal, it must be both authentic to you AND right for the times. Aligned with the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times. That’s a very tall order and few people pull it off. Even fewer find an idea with mass appeal that doesn’t end up being a fad. Example: for every Tom Peters who writes a book like In Search of Excellence which ends up being a business buzzword for 30+ years, there are dozens or hundreds of other consultants who wrote books that were forgotten as soon as they were published.

The larger the audience you try to speak to, the harder it is to hit the tipping point of influence. It takes 7-15 exposures to a new brand name for people to even remember the brand name. If I was constantly speaking to a bunch of different types of people across many social platforms, promoting different messages and ideas and concepts, I would never get the repetition necessary for people to see me, notice me and link me to MicroFamous. Example: Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue. That book was a landmark book in some B2B circles. But what if he tried to bring that approach to entrepreneurs and individual salespeople all at the same time? He would have had to massively water down the content of his books, removing many of the concepts and examples that made the book so great. The result would have been a book that lacked a clear and Compelling Idea for a very specific group of readers. But because he didn’t water it down, he was able to build a successful 7 figure consulting business off a sales book that wasn’t aimed at salespeople.

Attention doesn’t translate to sales automatically. So even if I attracted millions of followers, if I gave them a call to action, and they ignored me and went about their business, what impact have I really made? I’d rather be well known and well respected within a limited group of people, but when I give a call to action, people listen and take action. That’s real enduring influence. Example: the podcast host who does nothing but interviews and then tries to sell business coaching when they haven’t built a successful business themselves, they’re just good at attracting attention. So they struggle to turn that attention into sales.

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How to Get Featured On the Right Podcasts & Leverage Outside Audiences to Grow Your Business

Right now your competitors are out there….

  • Getting featured on podcasts
  • Speaking on stages
  • Appearing on webinars, virtual summits and YouTube series

So when your prospects are thinking of a service like yours, are you the very FIRST name that comes to mind?

If not, you have a huge opportunity to pull in front. To be more visible, build more authority, create more credibility.

Podcast interviews.

If you know that podcast interviews will help you attract more clients, speaking opportunities, book sales and social proof, don’t let your competitors have all the fun!

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