I took last week off to re-evaluate my business and life in general.

Here are X things I learned from spending 7 days up in my own head (and to be fair, a few Starbucks locations).

1. Clarity releases energy
2. My daily decisions are heavily weighted by my primary values (thanks Tony Robbins)
3. The internal rules for those values can be changed, and must change as life changes
4. I need to hire more staff to allow me to focus on my highest value activities
5. I don’t need to plan more than 90 days out to have a sense of clarity

I want to focus on that last one because it’s very timely.

I don’t make New Years Resolutions, haven’t in a long time.

I’m constantly checking my progress and making adjustments along the way.

I just didn’t have a structured method before 2016.

That’s why I love the concept of 90 Day Objectives, taken from books like Scale and The 12 Week Year.

Focusing just 90 days out allows the goals to be more vivid, more immediate and impactful to my daily life.

Every day counts.

It also allows me to push myself to a new level – then look around for the next set of opportunities.

Tim Ferris pointed this out in a podcast the other day.

He doesn’t set long-term goals because they either…

A. Prevent him from pursuing better opportunities, and…
B. In order to make long-term goals attainable he has to set them lower than what he’s capable of achieving.

90 Day Objectives give me a sense of clarity on where I’m going and how I’m getting there without limiting opportunities.