Came across this amazing quote from David Maister in “True Professionalism”

Here’s the paradox about professionalism: The noble path wins! The more you act selflessly and give clients honest advice, even when it may be counter to your own interests, the more trust you earn, and the more future business you will get.

It reminds me of a quote from Australian real estate mogul Peter Daniels, “Good morals is good economics.” That quote has always stuck with me.

The challenge in doing what’s best for clients is that it’s one step removed from our immediate interests (to paraphrase Richard Bland).

I think that’s also the challenge in marketing and growing a business. It’s hard to think in terms of multiple steps. I want immediate results, immediate feedback, immediate and visible rewards.

So I have to correct myself continuously. Reminding myself to think of the long-term, to think multiple steps ahead. Put other’s success ahead of my own, and I’ll be successful in the process.