When I create a system to get something done, and then turn that system over to staff, there’s a balance I try to strike.

As much as I’d love to put 100% of the mental burden on my staff, I can’t. At least not at first.

But I also can’t micro-manage and keep 100% of the mental burden. That limits my ability or willingness to grow the business.

So what I’m shooting for is a balance where I retain a small part of that mental burden and put the majority on the staff.

In other words, I’m going for mental leverage.

I leverage myself by retaining only the highest-value parts of managing – holding staff accountable to the system, and bringing new ideas to improve the system.

So let’s say that’s 10% of the overall mental burden, and the staff takes 90% of the mental burden.

That frees me up to take on other mental burdens as the business grows without completely abdicating responsibility for the systems my business runs on.

Then the next step in leverage is to hire someone who takes on the mental burden and responsibility of managing those all systems.