Unlike influencers with a million followers, a micro-influencer has an audience that’s really invested in what they are talking about because it’s so specific. -Susana Yee

One of the biggest misconceptions about influencer marketing is that we should be going after the mega influencers with over a million followers. Why shouldn’t we be targeting the big names? How can we define micro-influencers and what kind of ROI and engagement can we expect? What is the earmark of a good micro-influencer? How do we kickstart the relationship between the client and the influencer, and what does a win-win look like?

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On this episode, influencer marketing expert and founder of Digital Everything Consulting, Susana Yee shares on the different types and levels of influencers, having experience as an influencer as well as a consultant, and how to track the results of influencer marketing campaigns.

3 Things We Learned from Susana Yee

  • The different types of influencers
  • How results of influencer marketing can be tracked and why it has to be directly linked to the client’s goals
  • Why the biggest engagement comes from micro-influencers, not the biggest names

About our Featured Guest:
Susana is the founder of Digital Everything Consulting. She is an expert in Influencer Marketing Partnerships for Brands. She provides strategic leadership to companies and brands of all sizes with expertly managed influencer marketing partnership strategy, social media strategy, and campaign management. Go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/susanayee/ to get in touch, and to get access to the free training for getting started with influencer marketing, go to https://digitaleverything.consulting/.

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