Rory Vaden was the keynote speaker at Real Estate Success Rocks a couple weeks ago.

He wrote a great book called Take the Stairs.

Ever since, any time I see a choice of escalator or stairs, I take the stairs.

It’s a great metaphor on values, work ethic and preventing procrastination.

The escalator is a shortcut to a result – getting to the next level.

So that shortcut splits people into two groups.

Group 1 uses the shortcut as an excuse to relax, knowing they’ll get to their destination easier.

Group 2 doggedly continues to use the stairs, taking pride in their work ethic and willingness to do the hard stuff.

But the best results come from running up the escalator.

That’s what I’m working on doing – looking for the shortcuts but then applying hard work to the shortcut so I reach the next level faster.