If you think your introverted nature is holding you back, that’s a lie. You don’t have to change, you just need a different system around you – Matt Johnson

I am the least likely entrepreneur ever.

Mindset issues.
Didn’t go to college.
No intention to start a business before my mid-20’s

 So how did I end up as an entrepreneur in the marketing world? How did I succeed in spite of limiting beliefs and mindset issues from my past? How did I build a life and business I love, that gives me all the freedom I want?

The answer is podcasting.

Podcasting changed my life, and it can do the same for you.

We always hear: “You’ll never succeed until you can visualize it and you’re 100% convinced it’s going to come true.”

Compare that to Bill Walsh, who won a Super Bowl in his 3rd year. He flat out said he had no ambitions or expectations to get to the Super Bowl that year, he believed they were at least a year, maybe 2 away from being ready.

One of the most critical decisions of my life was to set all my mindset issues aside and just take methodical action. Do what successful people do, and see what happens.

I focused on leveraging podcasting to build my business, and along the way, I built great systems and hired great people to run them. If you think you need to fix all your mindset issues in order to succeed, I’m living proof that you don’t.

In this episode I dive into my story, the mindset issues, the critical decisions, and then the “how did I get here” moments that started to happen as I became MicroFamous.



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