I had a great time speaking at the Fitness MBA Summit last week.
One of the attendees asked a great question (which I completely misunderstood at first).
They asked, “What’s the best environment for recording a podcast?”
At first I thought they meant audio quality, so I answered that question.
Turns out, they were actually more concerned with how their environment LOOKED to the guest.
They were afraid that recording in their bedroom or living room would make a negative impression.
I explained that very few of the people I’ve interviewed – high or low level – had given much thought to the way their environment looked.
Add to that the fact that many authors, speakers and entrepreneurs either work from home or record podcasts at home to get away from office noise.
I’ve interviewed high level people who were recording in a spare bedroom, dining room, living room – some even looked like they were in a broom closet or a cluttered garage.
So my recommendation to this person is – You don’t need to be in a radio studio to make a good impression on a podcast guest.
It’s more about presenting yourself professionally.
Being prepared.
Having good audio.
Asking good questions.
Having their bio and links in front of you.
Explaining the next steps once the interview is recorded.
If you do those things, you’ll make a great impression on your guest.