Through the rises and dips of the path to success, where is the most powerful place to derive our motivation and validation from? Do we find it in the faces of people we aim to please or is it possible to get all the fuel you need from within? On this episode of Pursuing Results, we discuss this with coach Marc Mawhinney, in connection with the book, Thick Face, Black Heart by Chin Ning Chu.

There are going to be people who want to drag you down and try to ruin you. If you can wrap your head around that, you can respond better. -Marc Mawhinney

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Sometimes you need to leapfrog the haters by jumping to a different, and perhaps larger pool.
  • Confidence and sense of self should come from yourself and not outside validation because so much of it is out of your control.
  • Detach yourself from the outcome, and treat your life like it’s someone else’s to fortify yourself from getting bruised easily. if you’re not concerned about the outcome, you experience no fear.

The most successful people have experienced their fair share of failure and possibly some haters hell bent on knocking them down. They survived and went onto thrive by accepting the existence of these haters and going after their bold dreams regardless. They bounced back because they detached themselves from outcomes, leapfrogged over the haters, played up their strengths and had the kind of dreams that were scary but well worth the ride.

On this episode we covered:

  • The struggle many successful people face when they try to transition to coaching, and how that has to do with wrong expectations
  • Working on your weaknesses vs. improving on your strengths
  • Why the best validation comes from within
  • The power of detaching from outcomes
  • The leap frog theory and why it could be what helps you rise above the haters

Guest Bio

Marc works directly with a select number of clients who want to build successful coaching businesses that impact the world. Marc’s online programs helps clients grow their coaching businesses. Natural Born Coaches,” is the podcast launched to help coaches with their businesses. With over 500 episodes of the podcast, Marc talks with well over 1000 coaches every year (on-air and off-air). To get in touch with Marc, go to Go to to join his group.