2020 Service Improvements: 3 New Platforms For Your Podcast

Matt Johnson

CEO & Founder of Pursuing Results, author of MicroFamous and host of the MicroFamous podcast. Learn more about Matt here.
January 12, 2021

2020 saw several developments in podcasting, but none were as newsworthy as the entry of big media into the space, and the launch of key new platforms.

Keeping up with new launches and getting clients’ shows on these platforms is an ongoing conversation and priority for our team.

Getting your podcast on everyone’s preferred platform gets you on more devices, and in the ears of more people.


As part of our monthly Service Improvement Projects in 2020, our clients’ shows were added to 3 new platforms, Amazon Music, Pandora and IMDB.


Amazon Music gets your podcast in the ears of over 55 million app and Echo users. IMDB allows you to list yourself as the host of a podcast, adding to your online visibility. Pandora users can now add a podcast to their collection and get every new episode delivered to their devices. 

These 3 new platforms are 3 more ways for your expertise to reach more of your fans, ideal listeners, clients and strategic partners.

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