Welcome back to MicroFamous podcast!

We’re talking today about influence.

After all, that’s what leadership is – influence.

And MicroFamous is about being famously influential to the right people.

So I want to dig into HOW that level of influence is built.

I believe it happens in 3 stages.

Get seen.
Get noticed.

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Here’s what these stages looks like in real life.

First, we start by being seen. We put ourselves and our message into the world by talking about the problem we solve and by sharing what we’re learning and doing along the way. We share personal experiences, stories and anecdotes, focusing on the frustrations of our ideal clients.

As we get more clarity and focus, we start to zero in on our Clear & Compelling Idea. We hear what resonates with our Audience and other influencers. We see what gets them talking, what gets them paying attention, what makes them reach out. We get better at sharing our Clear & Compelling Idea with others, in person and in new media.

Along the way, repetition leads to recognition. We go from being seen to being noticed. People start to recognize us, linking us to our Clear & Compelling Idea. We can tell that it’s resonating with the Audience we want to reach, and it’s getting traction in our niche.

Because we can see it working, we lean into it. We keep hammering away at our Clear & Compelling Idea, driving it home over and over again.

We start backing up our Idea by sharing the results we’re getting for clients through success stories. We start getting featured on more podcast interviews, recognized by more people, and other influencers start coming to us. We can feel the momentum building, like a treadmill accelerating under our feet.

As we stay consistent and persistent, our influence hits a tipping point. We go from being noticed to being KNOWN. The collective perception of us and our position in our niche changes.

As we hit the tipping point of influence, things start to happen to us that didn’t happen before:

  • We get invited to podcast interviews, rather than pitching ourselves
  • We get recognized publicly by other influencers in our niche, and mentioned as an up-and-coming influencer
  • We get invited to speak at events
  • We get featured in industry articles, “Best Of” posts, virtual summits, webinars and other forms of new media
  • We get pitched on collaborations, joint ventures, new projects and new business ideas
  • We hear our Clear & Compelling Idea being repeated back to us by other influencers and potential clients
  • We get recommendations and referrals from people who don’t know us well – based mostly on our Clear & Compelling

In other words, we create Authority, Visibility and Relationships, which translates into influence.

And the influence starts converting into sales, clients and results.

As we continue to build influence, we go from being part of our niche, to being a recognized leader in the niche. We go from being seen, to being noticed, to being KNOWN.

Just as John Maxwell is known for Leadership, or Gary Vee is known for hustle, or Seth Godin is known for Marketing, we become known for our Clear & Compelling Idea.

That’s what it means to become MicroFamous. Famously influential to a group of like-minded people we want to teach, train and lead.

So if the benefit is so compelling, so vivid and clear, what keeps us from becoming Micro-Famous? Why are so many of us struggling to attract an audience, build influence and convert that influence into sales?

I believe there are several reasons…

First, we try to be everything to everyone.

We believe that if we focus on one group of people, we are forever locked down there and can’t grow and expand. This isn’t true, as we can always make a Big Move and start going after a bigger niche – a bigger audience.

Second, we (wildly) overestimate how much other people pay attention to us.

Our people get hit with a staggering number of media messages and brand impressions every day, so they are probably not hearing from us often enough to get sick of us.

Third, we underestimate what it takes to progress through the Three Stages of Influence.

Especially when it comes to the focus it takes to hit the tipping point from being noticed to being KNOWN.

Hitting the tipping point is like trying to fill an empty bucket.

To hit the tipping point, we have to put so much water into the bucket that it overflows. The more buckets we try to fill, and the more we spread the water around, the longer it takes to fill one of those buckets.

This is what we do when we try to be everything to everyone, sell everything to everyone, be everywhere people might be paying attention.

Everything we do on new media – every post, every podcast interview, every campaign – that doesn’t help us become famously influential to the right people is a distraction.

By focusing on the right people first, being visible on the platforms where they are paying attention, and consistently sharing our Clear & Compelling Idea, we give ourselves the best chance of hitting that tipping point of influence.

We know we’ve hit that tipping point when we become KNOWN for our one thing. We become linked to it, synonymous with it. That’s how real, enduring influence is built. That’s how we become MicroFamous.

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