I don’t read much fiction, so I was blown away when I stumbled on this quote:

Every dead end shows you more clearly the pattern of the labyrinth. Each encounter gives you one more piece of information that will help you as you methodically fail your way to success. – Steven James, Checkmate

That really hit me because it’s such a great mental approach for solving business problems.

It’s so much better to start with the assumption- There IS an answer to this problem. A way out of the maze. I just don’t see it yet because I’m IN the maze.

That helps me keep a few things in mind:

1. I don’t have to be a genius to solve the problem. I can methodically fail my way to success by trying lots of paths until I find the right one.

2. Successful people may have experienced a similar problem and can help me eliminate bad paths to find the right path faster.

3. Successful people are in their own mazes right now. Problem solving never stops unless we stop trying to make any progress in life. So everyone is in their own maze trying to fail their way to success in some area.

If I really approached problem solving this way, I’d be much more patient with myself and the process. Plus, I think I would solve problems faster because my mind would be clearer and more open to new ideas.