Success in the networking room is not about becoming more extroverted. It’s about learning a system that values your introverted strengths, and allows you to dominate in the room, so you can dominate online as well. – Matthew Pollard

The reason introverts struggle with networking has nothing to do with not being extroverted enough.

The key to success in networking is having a system for dominating a room and fostering relationships by leaning into who we are.

Sharpening our messaging, our storytelling and our ability to connect with people allows us to dominate both in networking situations and in online marketing.

What mistakes do experts make when we explain what we do in networking situations?
How do we perfect our storytelling so we can draw people in? How do we leverage podcasts to get our ideal clients to chase us online?


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In this episode, internationally-recognized consultant, speaker, coach, author of The Introvert’s Edge and The Introvert’s Edge to Networking, Matthew Pollard returns. He talks about his new book, and how introverts can win the networking game.

3 Things We Learned from Matthew Pollard

  • Why the battle in marketing is to be the clearest, not the loudest.
  • The power of stories in an introvert’s sales process and the value of repetition in getting our messaging right.
  • Why he did 150 podcast interviews to promote his book and how it paid off.

Guest Bio-

Matthew Pollard is an internationally-recognized consultant, speaker, blogger, author, mentor, coach, and serial entrepreneur with five multi-million dollar business success stories under his belt, all before the age of 30. He is the founder and CEO of Rapid Growth, LLC, dedicated to achieving maximum ROI for businesses of all sizes. Though his client list includes multiple Fortune 500 companies, his real passion is helping small business owners end the overwhelm, eliminate the stress and guesswork, and get on a clear path to Rapid Growth. Called “the real deal” by Forbes, his methods have transformed over 3500 businesses to date. Go to for more information.

Matthew is the author of bestseller, The Introvert’s Edge and a new book The Introvert’s Edge to Networking. To get a free chapter of Matthew’s book, The Introvert’s Edge to Networking visit