As a business owner, you can take 30 minutes of networking with someone else and turn it into massive reach, awareness and authority through podcasting. – Mark Savant

Like any other type of marketing, podcasting is constantly shifting and evolving, and that requires us to continue experimenting and trying new things. More than any other medium, podcasting lends itself to effectively building authority and creating massive reach, especially when the right pieces are in place.

How do we decide what to experiment on? What are some of the most important tactics that need to be on our podcast launch checklist?


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In today’s episode, I’m joined by fellow video podcast producer, agency owner and host of The After Hours Entrepreneur, Mark Savant. 

We have an in-depth conversation about where podcasting is headed, and how to continue delivering value, authority and curiosity as it evolves.

3 Things We Learned from Mark Savant

  • The attention span of listeners today and how we can respond to the change.
  • Podcast launch tactics and the simple but powerful thing people leave out the at the start.
  • Why naming your podcast is so hard and what to do about it.

Guest Bio-

Mark is an expert in content marketing through video podcasting, owner of Mark Savant Media and host of The After Hours Entrepreneur. He helps people build network, authority, and attention through video podcasting. Mark reaches thousands of people daily through his YouTube channel, podcast, and social media platforms. For more information, visit and listen to The After Hours Entrepreneur on your podcast platform of choice.