It feels like the second I get something off our plate, something bigger lands on the plate in its place.

So I build leverage – staff and freelancers – to get a lot of stuff done.

I think where a lot of people, (including me) are tempted to mis-use leverage is by skipping steps.

I understand the whole “I do it – WE do it – YOU do it”  model.

But sometimes I skip Step One or Two, and I get poor outcomes.

Just speaking for myself, here’s my theory on why I skip the steps:

It takes hard mental thought to systematize what I do (it’s even harder if I skip Step One and never do it myself first).

It takes hard mental thought and time to work through a system I’ve created for myself and turn it into a system others can run with.

It takes time and patience to train someone on a system rather than just assigning a task.

It takes more hard mental thought to put the right controls and oversight in place so that systems are followed after the task is turned over.

That’s a lot of work.

But if I really want the outcome – great work with great leverage – that’s what it takes.

So if I skip those steps, what I’m really saying to myself and my staff is, “I don’t CARE enough about this result to do everything that’s necessary to get that result.”

Sometimes that’s OK. Not every task is “mission-critical.”

But when it is critical that I get the result I want, I don’t want to skip steps.

I want to do everything in my power to set up the right system, with the right training, with the right controls, so I get the right result.