Focus: Finish One Commitment Until Success and say no to everything else – Jason Swenk

Most creative people struggle with focusing and doing less because we’re afraid of boredom. How does focus actually accelerate the growth of our business and lead to eventual freedom? What are the challenges of scaling a professional service business? What do we do when we’ve hit the ceiling of our own abilities? On this episode, Jason Swenk shares the systems that empowered him to build an agency and now his coaching/consulting company.

3 Things We Learned from Jason Swenk

Don’t underestimate the value of focus, clarity and positioning
Those of us in professional services often struggle with running a business that starts and stops a lot. The foundational systems that really matter are clarity, positioning and focus. These will help us grow and sustain our business.

Takeaway 2: Figure out the Milk
It’s critical for a creative-type business owner to figure out the “milk” or the unique ability we can focus on so we can build systems around that unique ability. It’s all about having the clarity to know what your unique value is and what we’re good at that we can’t hand over to someone else.

Take ego out of it and focus on what gets us to our goals.
First we need a long-term goal and destination. Then we have to learn to focus and say NO to things that don’t align with that goal. We also have to build systems that take care of the important levers so that we’re not running on adrenaline.

Vanity is a huge plague for a lot of entrepreneurs. It’s ultimately what makes it impossible to actually scale and grow our business. We have to have focus and clarity and position our business around what makes our unique ability. As the leader, remember our job is to deliver on our unique abilities and make sure the rest of the business is leveraged – that our systems are doing the work. In the pursuit of a stable, scalable business, it’s okay to settle down and focus on one thing, we don’t have to do it all now.

About our Featured Guest:

Jason Swenk is a marketing, digital, and creative agency consultant. Jason built, scaled and sold a creative agency, in the process working with brands from AT&T, Hitachi and Lotus Cars.  Jason currently hosts two shows, The Smart Agency Master Class Podcast and SwenkToday. Visit for more information.

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