If you create a process around a problem that doesn’t exist, you’re solving a non-existent problem. -James Guldan

There is a huge difference between exponential growth and linear growth and many of us are missing the link that explodes our growth. What is this missing link and how do we find it? What is the step between brand promise and our proven process? What is the best kind of person to delegate a responsibility to? On this episode, co-founder of Vision Tech Team and Influex, James Guldan goes in-depth on answering these questions.

3 Things We Learned

Personal brand inclusion is necessary for growth
It’s a lot quicker to launch a business if we have influence and a brand around ourselves, and it’s a lot easier to get PR, media attention, speaking gigs if we’ve leveraged yourself. The missing link to exponential growth path for our company is making sure our leadership has our own personal brand associated with the company.

The transition from high touch to low touch relies on proving your value
We have to make sure our concept and the problem we’re solving is something our target market is willing to pay for. This starts with figuring out what we’re good at, what our system is good at and where we can provide the most value. Next this has to become a proven process so we deliver on our brand promise.

Don’t overlook high-competence, low energy people
There are 4 different behavioral profiles of all the people we hire. They can be low competence and low energy, high energy and low competence, high competence and high energy as well as low energy and high competence. The people we want to delegate to are the low energy and high competence people because they find the coolest path to figure things out, they will jump through hoops and problem solve effectively.

For a lot of people in influencer marketing, building a personal brand is the core because it pulls in instant credibility. It’s so necessary for companies to also help leverage the personal brands of our people because ultimately this gives the company a higher likelihood to get attention and exponential growth. When it comes to turning a concept into a scalable product, it’s important to show that you a proven process and a brand promise. If we can’t do that, it’s hard to get buy-in from our target market.

About our Featured Guest: James Guldan is the co-founder of Vision Tech Team, an agency serving big name clients from JJ Virgin and Mike Dillard to the godfather of information marketing, Frank Kern. More recently, James co-founded Influex, which specializes in helping experts and entrepreneurs build their personal brand online. Visit influex.com for more information.


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