Introverts don’t hate people. Introverts enjoy being around people but in a way that allows us to protect and manage our energy. – Matt Johnson

Being an introvert comes with a ton of labels and misconceptions that can be harmful to us in business. We can break away from those labels by the way we present ourselves, interact with people, build relationships, and operate within our marketing system.

The MicroFamous system takes care of the biggest myths around being an introvert. It protects us from the harmful labels that can be used to define us in a negative way.


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In this episode, I share 3 myths that are particularly harmful to selling our expertise, along with practical things we can do to bust those myths.

Myth #1: All introverts are quiet

Very few of the introverted coaches, consultants, speakers and experts I know would call themselves quiet. I’m opinionated, obstinate, fiercely independent and have zero problem standing up in front of thousands of people to speak. I’m far from quiet. That’s not what being an introvert is to me.

If you aren’t quiet, don’t let yourself get labeled that way. As experts, we should have opinions that our competition would disagree with. If we don’t, what’s the difference between hiring us versus our competition?

The way to prevent being labeled as quiet is to identify opinions that are bold, positive, and polarizing.


Myth #2: All introverts hate people

As much as I love the term “hermit genius,” that’s only one type of introvert. You may not identify with that term at all. Being an introvert isn’t about hating people, but it’s a common myth we have to deal with and overcome.

One of the ways I bust that myth is the way I use social media.

Think about how you use social media and find a platform where you can be accessed in a way that’s comfortable for you. That will go a long way to prevent being labeled as ‘hating people.’


Myth #3: Introverts are heartless

Being an introvert that likes your personal space doesn’t make you heartless. I’d rather be famously unavailable, and have people really value the time that we spend together. 

One of the ways I push back against this label is the relationships I have with my strategic partners. 

These are the people who I actively look for ways to bring them value, either by introducing them to other influencers, jumping on occasional strategy calls, putting them on my podcast, and so on.

I don’t talk to them all the time, so they’re not part of my daily business life, but those occasional conversations or high-value introductions make them feel loved and valued in a way that doesn’t drain my energy.

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