In today’s highly innovative world, how do some people manage to come up with trailblazing ideas that keep them ahead of the curve? Success belongs to entrepreneurs who understand that innovation grants success to the people that remain curious about what’s coming next for the world. In this episode Matt and Greg discuss this subject with serial entrepreneur Jay Samit.

Focus on what’s next, what’s new and how the world is changing because it’s a semi level playing field to rise to the top of that field. -Jay Samit

Matt introduce Jay and launch into his professional background and how he got started on the path to becoming a serial entrepreneur/serial disruptor. He believes that finding success as an entrepreneur is all about synthesizing goals and finding a solution.

Jay’s also published his own book called Disrupt You which is his way of paying it forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs. He believes succeeding is also about thinking different. “If you follow what you were taught by parents and teachers, you make a good soldier/factory level worker.  Unless you learn to think different and create opportunities you’re not going to be successful on this earth.”

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Unless you learn to think different and create opportunities you’re not going to be successful on this earth.
  • If you focus on the next new thing there are no experts
  • As an entrepreneur you accept the level of performance of people you work with but what can you do for those people to give them a positive experience at their level of performance

The book that changed his life is 1969 bestseller, The Peter Principle by Raymond Hull, which he came across as a child. The sentence that sums up the book is “every employee rises to their level of incompetence.” People tend to get promoted until they reach a level of starting to fail at the work. Jay believes entrepreneurs need to shift how they approach selling. He gives an example of a celebrity project he’s working on where he won the client over by “realizing that as big as the celebrity is, they feel like a failure because they haven’t achieved X.”

Greg asks how one can stay at the job they are good at so you’re not languishing in mediocrity. Jay says people with the insight won’t try to become the manager, they will get their ego out of the way and hire a manager instead.

Matt asks if in the case of not being good at something it is better to hire someone or work on improving the skill themselves. Jay believes that it’s smarter to hire people, and even though they might not do it as well as the entrepreneur would, you work within their abilities and make their working experience pleasant so that they are able to improve.

Matt, Greg and Jay also touch on:

  • Making an employee feel valued so they move up on a scale
  • Using our excess brain capacity to make the world better
  • Constantly improving skills to stay ahead of the curve
  • The opportunities that data provides for entrepreneurs.

The role of the entrepreneur is solving problems and seeing features and not flaws when they look at the word around them. Becoming a disruptor comes down to thinking differently, synthesizing goals and looking towards what’s new and on the horizon to create the ideas that people will notice.

Get The Peter Principle and Jay Samit’s book Disrupt You! on Amazon. Go to Jay’s website for the free 40-page companion workbook to Disrupt You!

Guest Bio

Jay is a dynamic entrepreneur and intrepreneur who is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation.  He launches billion dollar businesses, transforms entire industries, revamps government institutions, and for over three decades continues to be  at the forefront of global trends. Jay also wrote the book Disrupt You. To find out more about Jay visit

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