Entrepreneur/author Graham Alcott throws out this great phrase “guru escapism” in one of his books.

It’s a great way to describe the personality cults that spring up around guys like Grant Cardone, Mike Ferry, Gary Keller, Brendan Bouchard, Tony Robbins and so on.

From the outside, it’s easy to criticize those who worship their favorite business guru. Especially when they burn calories with endless discussions about how their guru can beat up all other gurus.

(Although if your guru is Tony Robbins you might have a good argument – he’s a large human being.)

To fuel the fire, our favorite gurus put out a ton of content.

So it’s easier than ever to escape into their world, consume their content and FEEL like we’re working.

But gurus can also inspire people to take massive action.

That where I think business gurus can really help – if we use them strategically.

Example: years ago, Gregg Bissonette, a drummer who’s played with everyone from David Lee Roth to Maynard Ferguson to Ringo Starr, met a young Cuban drummer who absolutely blew him away.

He started taking lessons from this kid and completely immersed himself in afro-cuban drumming.

In other words, he stumbled onto a guru, immersed himself in that world and came out the other side a better musician.

We can all do the same thing – Find a guru, learn their methods and mental models, apply them to take massive action and then move on.