Hybrid agencies are a path service providers can use to turn their expertise and knowledge into a scalable package that’s delivered differently. How does this type of model marry the best of coaching, training and implementation? What is the next evolution of coaching and training? How do we build layers of implementation into our businesses?


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On this episode, AltAgency founder shares how we can package our expertise in a balanced and effective way.

3 Things We Learned from Greg Hickman 

  • How to escape the world of custom projects and coaching
  • What is a “hybrid agency” model and how to transition to it
  • How to build training that requires less (or zero) coaching

Guest Bio- 
Greg is the owner and founder of AltAgency. He helps agency owners transition from the old Done For You model into a more profitable and predictable model like training, coaching and consulting. Visit https://www.youtube.com/greghickmantv for more information.

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