If we want to continue to grow and build up our marketing prowess to start to have it be the engine for growth, it has to be done through brand and that’s a very long-term thing. -Frank Cowell

When it comes to investing in your brand marketing, there’s a foundational and infrastructure-building period we can’t avoid, and because of that, we don’t get results quickly. How do we prepare our staff and clients prepared for this inevitable part of the process? As marketing agencies, what is the value proposition we bring to our clients especially in the early stages of implementing a strategy when there’s no positive ROI yet? How are most marketing agencies selling the wrong thing, and what should we be selling? How do we turn marketing into something we just do into an organizational habit that pays off at the tail end of intense brand building.

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On this episode, Digitopia CEO, Frank Cowell shares why we shouldn’t be selling our deliverables, why a period of negative ROI is impossible to avoid in brand building and how we can win in this highly saturated, commodified marketplace.

3 Things We Learned from Frank Cowell

  • Why winning in today’s marketing place has come full circle- back to BRAND
  • Why in building your brand, there is always a period of negative ROI – you can’t escape it
  • Why Kodak should have invented Instagram

About our Featured Guest:
Frank is an author, speaker and the CEO of Digitopia. He works regularly with CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, and Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing who are looking to create amazing brand experiences while driving inbound leads. Frank is author of The Actionable Brand, which details a concept he pioneered to make brands more accessible to internal stakeholders and external audiences. An energetic and entertaining speaker, Frank presents regularly to regional and national organizations on topics related to branding and digital marketing.

Go to https://www.digitopia.agency/ for more information or connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/fcowell/.  

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