Don’t just focus on the immediate value of your customer acquisition and leave the lifetime potential out of the equation. In most businesses, the lifetime value of a customer is going to be 4-7x that initial value. – Darrell Evans

If you’re an emerging thought leader with the ability to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, a paycheck or retainer isn’t the only way to monetize a highly valuable skillset.

There are multiple ways we can capitalize on our marketing, sales and operations skills so we get the most revenue and highest quality of life out of them. From joint venture deals to rev share agreements and consulting deals, it’s worth looking for those opportunities and maximizing them when they come our way.

How can we structure these types of deals so that the incentives are lined up correctly and set up for long-term success?


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In this episode, entrepreneur, digital agency owner and podcast host Darrell Evans shares how we can create long-term mutual value in our client engagements.

Things We Learned from Darrell Evans

  • How to communicate with metaphors and analogies when your clients don’t understand the technical parts of what you do.
  • The powerful question a coach asked Darrell that changed his perspective on the promises he was making to clients.
  • How Darrell prices and structures his services in a space with so many variables that can keep clients from getting the results they’re capable of.
  • Why you should “mystery shop” your potential joint venture partners before making any agreements.
  • The power of a “change order” to keep client expectations in line with reality and deal with shifting priorities.

Guest Bio-

Darrell Evans is a serial entrepreneur, investor, business coach and digital agency owner and podcast host. He has worked with 200 clients to generate $300M in revenue and coached over 1000 businesses through his digital marketing processes. Darrell also has a background in professional services through his ownership of a mortgage company.

For more information visit, follow @mrdarrellevans listen to the podcast here

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