I was listening to Adam Carolla and Dr Drew’s podcast yesterday, and they were chuckling at car commercials that link their vehicles to buzzwords like “Love.”

I think Love might be a stretch, but certainly Volvo has done it with Safety, and BMW with Engineering.

In other words, they stand for something.

Everyone gives the same marketing advice, “You just have to get your name out there.”

Being aware of a name or a company isn’t bad, it’s just not enough to move people to take action.

We have to give them a compelling reason to get off the couch and call us, or opt-in to our email list, or download our podcast, or take any action whatsoever.

One key way to give someone a compelling reason to take action is to stand for something in your market.

Link your name or company to a specific keyword or phrase. Video. Podcasting. Sales.

(A great example is Vyral Marketing. When you think of Vyral, you automatically think of Database.)

Even better is to stand for something aspirational. Think Apple or Nike.

That’s why the main thrust of my real estate podcast is Freedom. It’s a key value my co-host and I share, and it’s a key value for our audience.

We drive it home at the top of every show, it’s at the top of our weekly Tuesday Tactics + Takeaways email.

But even that’s not enough.

We need to do a better job of steering the content of our show in that direction, baking it in at every level to really drive the point home and link our show with Freedom.

If we don’t define what we stand for, we give no one a compelling reason to remember us, let alone take action.