Jeff Cohn is the founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, which he built into Nebraska’s #1 selling residential team – going from 80 to 580 deals/year in just 4 years. Jeff also co-founded a variety of adjacent businesses, including title, insurance, phone prospecting, property management and property investment ventures.


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Here’s what Jeff has to say about his experience with Pursuing Results:

Matt and his podcast system has helped me capitalize on my guest interviews, built my personal brand from scratch, directly contributed to over 6 figures in revenue from our Team Building Workshop and the successful launch of our Flat Rate Expansion program. – Jeff Cohn

Launching the Elite Real Estate Systems Hangout

Jeff’s initial goal was to keep up the momentum from a handful of podcast appearances by creating his own platform and building his own audience. We started with a series of video interviews, delivering his core message and building up his email list.

Then we started to bring in high-level guests to boost Jeff’s credibility by association, while leveraging the podcast into appearances on other podcasts and virtual summits. This directly led to Jeff’s first speaking engagement, where he spoke to packed rooms at the Real Estate Success Rocks conference in 2015.

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Rebranding as the Team Building Podcast

To narrow the focus and attract a higher level viewer, we rebranded the ERES Hangout and launched The Team Building Podcast in summer 2016.


We focused on 2 types of interviews:

  • High-level mastermind sessions with Jeff and industry influencers
  • Niche episodes- mastermind interviews co-hosted by Jeff’s two right-hand men, Kevin McGowan (Operations Manager) and Andy Keuny (Success Manager)

We coordinated with Jeff on the relaunch plan, producing new podcast artwork, a voiceover intro, full Graphics Package and pre-launch social media campaign.

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Hitting #8 on iTunes in Management & Marketing 

Shortly after launching the show, we hit #8 in our target category, sitting right after #AskGaryVee and Your Life w/Michael Hyatt, and a few slots above Build Your Tribe w/Chalene Johnson. Pretty good company to be in!


Launch Promotion Strategies

Jeff tried two things to promote the launch that turned out to be very effective:

  1. Reached out to podcast hosts, asking them to help him promote his show. As a result, thousands of people were reached through their networks, leading to more downloads in the first couple weeks of the show.
  2. Jeff had his overseas VA log into his Facebook account and message every one of his 4,000+ friends. Here’s the message the assistant sent on Jeff’s behalf:


Here’s the template you can use:

Hey NAME, hope all is well!

Could you do me a quick favor?

Our new show, ____________, launches today.

Could you take a minute to download an episode on iTunes and subscribe to the show?

Here’s the link:

More downloads = more people finding the show thru iTunes search.

If you use Apple devices, just hop over to your iTunes acct > search ________ podcast. From there you can download an episode and hit Subscribe.

Appreciate it and hope you enjoy the show!

Your Name


Pre-roll Commercial

During the promotional push for an affiliate product Jeff was featured in, we recorded a special promotional message and produced a “pre-roll commercial.” This audio commercial was inserted the intro of each podcast during the promo period.


Articles & Show Notes

We post The Team Building Podcast Jeff’s site,, for increased SEO value and a centralized location. Here are few examples of a typical article we produce. The real estate team world has its own jargon and terminology, which helps Jeff’s podcast and YouTube videos get found more easily by his target audience.


Email Promotion

Each week we launch a New Episode promo email, which include the latest episode of the podcast, a promotional section for affiliate products, and a resources section with links to Jeff’s Team Building Workshop and Expansion offers.

tb-podcast-email-example-4 tb-podcast-affiliate-promo-example

Social Media

The real estate industry is very active on Facebook, and many of Jeff’s Workshop attendees are closed by Facebook Messenger. So we put a lot of focus on multiple, unique posts into Jeff’s different Facebook page/group and personal profile, tagging the other member so the ERS team, etc.

Here are some examples of our Facebook posts around the podcast:



Here are the results of our work with Jeff and Elite Real Estate Systems:

  • $100k+ in Team Building Workshop income



  • Speaking invitations – Including a live Team Building Workshop in Ottawa, Canada
  • Full enrollment in Flat Rate Expansion – An experimental hybrid coaching program launched to previous Workshop attendees at $1500/mo
  • Enhanced relationship with Boomtown, a major CRM/lead gen platform who is now promoting Jeff to their clients/prospects and featuring him at their annual event
  • Joint Venture opportunities- Jeff has been featured in 2 high-quality education products created by fellow podcast host Pat Hiban

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