Jay Campbell is the Amazon best-selling author of The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, a 16-yr TRT patient and respected thought leader on Hormonal Optimization. Jay is the founder of TRTRevolution.com – the definitive resources for all things Testosterone, Anti-Aging and Life Optimization.


Here’s what Jay has to say about his experience with Pursuing Results:

“Matt Johnson and Pursuing Results have allowed me to grow my Podcast and Newsletter to more than 4,500 opt-ins in less than 4 months. His leadership and technology savvy have been instrumental in the rapid growth and expansion of all my TRT Revolution properties. If you are attempting to compete and succeed at a high level in the Podcasting space, I would contact him immediately.”


Relaunching the TRT Revolution Podcast

Jay came to us with a plan to relaunch his TRT Revolution Podcast. His goal was to support, nurture and grow the audience around testosterone replacement, hormone optimization and anti-aging through interviews with other thought leaders in the space.

Jay already had all the contacts to potential guests and a stockpile of interviews. He even released a few to iTunes through Soundcloud, but he didn’t have time for all the production and promotion of a full relaunch.

We coordinated with Jay on his relaunch plan, producing new intros, a midroll commercial, full Graphics Package and re-editing older episodes to match the new branding.

Here are some examples from our Graphics Package:


Midroll Commercial

Jay wanted to promote his affiliate link to a key business partner. So he recorded a special promotional message, which we turned into a produced “midroll commercial” which we insert at the halfway point of each podcast.



Articles & Show Notes

Jay chose to have his podcast posted directly to his existing site, TRTRevolution.com, for increased SEO value and a centralized location. Here is an example of the length and quality of a typical article we produce for Jay. His interviews include a TON of niche-specific jargon and medical terminology, so it takes great attention to detail, discipline and research to produce great articles for Jay’s podcast.

Example Articles:

Neuromodulators, Dermal Fillers and Hormone Optimization for Women with Allison Woodworth

Bodybuilding, Muscle Retention and Training after 50 w/Nelson Montana

Here’s a quick example of the length and depth of each article we write for Jay and the TRT Revolution Podcast:


Email Promotion

We also worked with Jay to develop an email template for a weekly promotional newsletter. Jay dubbed it “The Ultimate Life Optimization Report” and you can see a couple examples below. We send this email from Jay’s Mailchimp acct every Tuesday, and he typically sees open rates between 20-30% (2-3x above industry standard).


Social Media

Jay has an active audience on Facebook, so our Highlight Clip videos work very well for him. We take a 2-3 min clip of the best section of each episode and upload it directly to Facebook every Thursday along with a special blog post.

Here’s what a native upload video looks like on Facebook:


We also create social media posts for Jay’s other properties, including LinkedIn and Twitter, consistent with his overall TRT Revolution brand.

Here are some examples of the posts to Jay’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts:


Growing His List With Extreme Value Giveaways

One of the keys to Jay growing his email opt-in list is giving away a full PDF copy of his book.

Check out this example from Jay’s website: http://www.trtrevolution.com/pdf/


Along with this super-high value giveaway, Jay offered a free copy of a bonus PDF called The 7 Lies of Testosterone after readers gave him a “thoughtful, high-quality” review on Amazon.

The results speak for themselves. As this case study is written, October 2016, Jay’s book has over 160 5-star reviews on Amazon.



Jay and the TRT Revolution are a great example of how to maximize a podcast. Based on Jay’s experience, here’s the model to follow:

  1. Launch a high-quality, professional podcast with great content people actually want
  2. Promote the podcast through email and social media
  3. Engage with your audience on social media
  4. Offer a very high-value item for free in exchange for email opt-ins and reviews
  5. Follow up and nurture those email opt-ins with a high-value email newsletter that gives immense value in the email itself
  6. Use the email newsletter to draw people into your next offer – consultation, evaluation, coaching, affiliate offers, etc.

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