Focus: People go to coaches because they don’t have the ability to extract from their life and from their experience, the abstract concepts they can apply to other areas. – Matt Johnson

Coaching isn’t just a high level accountability business, there’s a lot more to it. How do you build a coaching business that is scalable and fulfilling in the long run? Why is the sales funnel obsolete? How do you get your concepts out of your head and into a good system? On this episode, Andy Scherer shares his journey to becoming a coach.

3 Things We Learned from Andrew Scherer

Coaching is not just 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour, if you truly get emotionally invested with your clients it’s much more time than that.
What most people get wrong about coaching is that they think it’s only for the duration of the coaching call that they have to be invested in their clients. The truth is, when you’re emotionally invested, your involvement will go beyond the call.

Coaching is client led and questions based
Coaching is client led because you’re aiming to help a client extract the insights they need to turn their goals into results. A coach helps people expose what they don’t see because they are too close to the situation, and this is done by asking questions.

The sales funnel is obsolete, it ends after the transaction
What you need to look out for is a relationship funnel, which ends with advocacy and evangelism. The thing about the relationship funnel is that it never ends because it gives birth to more referrals and more work.

In order for you to build a scalable coaching organization that has any kind of consistent messaging that actually has an impact, and isn’t just herding people, the people you coach have to really get it and have the concepts really sink in. The business has to have a really good system, has to have a conversion process and it has to be built with the right end in mind and the right foundation from the start.

About our Featured Guest:

Andy is a coach at Pillar 9 Coaching. As a leader and change agent, he has been able to successfully implement communication strategies, operations management, social program design, marketing integration, community collaborations, and engagement initiatives. Get in touch, call 203.257.5279 or find him on Facebook

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