Content that doesn’t tie back into your belief system and big idea may get you attention, but it won’t get sales. – Matt Johnson

Interview podcasts have become a dime a dozen and standing out requires consistent evolution and experimentation. Repeat guest, Adam King has rebranded and relaunched his podcast as a hot seat with multiple guests, featuring real questions from real people in his audience.

With whatever podcast format we take, the key is understanding our belief system and point of view so well that an interview podcast ties back into our Big Idea.


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On this special interview episode, founder of Think Like a Fish and host of the B2B Growth Think Tank Podcast, Adam King shares the reason behind his rebrand, the execution, and what he’s seeing in the world of podcasting.

3 Things We Learned from Adam King

  • The power of a podcast that incorporates engagement with the audience
  • Why our content needs a framework built on our belief system
  • The difference between adding value through content and creating demand for what we do

Guest Bio-

Adam is a Business Growth Accelerator, founder of Think Like a Fish, author of Conversational Relationship Marketing, and host of the B2B Growth Think Tank Podcast. He partners with established B2B and Professional Service Businesses, working with them over 90 days to implement a simple and scalable business development SYSTEM called THE GROWTH ACCELERATOR ECOSYSTEM.

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