For a lot of people, their business is their second skin and their way to make an impact in the world. How can we ensure that this pursuit actually gives us freedom? What is the difference between a rockstar business and a YouX machine? On this episode, you get a glimpse into what you can expect from the upcoming episodes of this show!

3 Things We Learned

  • Most creative types want their business to be more than just a way to make money.
  • There’s not a lot of press glorification for being in the trenches and doing great work for clients but that is a more predictable and reliable path for most of us.
  • A rockstar business is where we deliver our own time, effort and energy. A YouX machine is pouring ourselves into people and systems and those people and systems deliver for us.

There’s an unbreakable link between the problem that we solve and the level of freedom and impact we experience. -Matt Johnson

In the pursuit of freedom and impact, there is a missing ingredient and that is the link between the problem we solve and how we solve it. Ultimately, this has an impact on the freedom we get whether it’s time or financial. If our businesses are an amplification of our unique skills and abilities into the world, we have to make use of systems and people. This will help us achieve the goals we have for our businesses, ourselves and the whole world.

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