Doorways present themselves, creating invitations to leave our preconceptions behind & go to a deeper level. – Matt Johnson

One of the traps we fall into as experts and entrepreneurs is speaking to everyone the same way. We act as if we only have one Circle around us. How does this create unnecessary confusion and complexity in our communication and content? What are Circles of impact, and how do we use them to serve people in a more relevant and impactful way? How can we not only tailor the right messages to the right people, but also move them toward our inner circle?

On this episode, I talk about circles of impact, how to classify our crowd, and how we can stop making the mistake of selling to everyone all the time.

3 Things We Learned

  • People start in our Outer Circles and move closer as they are drawn to us.
    The closer they get to our Inner Circle, the deeper the level of connection and relationship they develop with us, and the more we can solve their problems and create a positive impact in they lives.
  • Even Jesus had different Circles of Impact.
    His core message was the same, yet He spoke to people in each Circle differently. He didn’t speak to the disciples the way He spoke to the crowds.
  • Doorways are the opportunities we create for people to move from one Circle into another.
    Each Doorway is both an opportunity and a decision point. As people step through each of our Doorways, they move closer to us and to our Inner Circle.

People naturally group themselves into Circles of Impact around leaders, it’s a natural process. We can either fight it or take advantage of it. We have to speak to each circle differently based on their level of relationship to us, even if we have a core message we speak out to the world. When we speak to everyone the same way, regardless of their level of connection and relationship, we end up selling everything to everyone all the time. This creates complexity for us and confusion for our tribe.

In the world of YouX, we have a simple strategy that prevents all this confusion. We can craft our content to match each Circle, and create Doorways for people to move through. This will allow us to create better content that’s founded in clarity, momentum and simplicity.

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