There’s something to be said for operating within a very well-defined niche and really focusing our service on and the power it gives us to attract premium clients. –Matt Johnson

The more we specialized and focused, the more we’re able to sell our services for more. What is a key part of us building expertise? How do we miss out on it if we’re taking on any client that comes our way and dispersing our services too widely? Why is it so necessary for us to do a lot of reps in the specific area of our abilities? How does focus generates a positive cycle?

Following from our last conversation about focus, I talk about how niching ourselves down, and doing the work of building expertise actually helps us attract premium clients to us.

3 Things We Learned

  • How Focus leads to pattern matching, which builds our expertise.
  • Why focus allows us to concentrate our mental and emotional forces.
  • The power of pushing one rock up one hill.


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