We’re in a connection economy, there’s no end to communities that can be created to generate value. -Will Bachman  

Right now there are so many opportunities to build communities focused on a specific topic, affinity or need. How was my guest able to build a valuable community for management consultants? What are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to curate that community effectively? What is the relationship between how focused and specific your community is and the value it brings to members?

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On this episode, Umbrex co-founder Will Bachman shares how he creates an amazing experience for members of a professional community.

3 Things We Learned from Will Bachman

  • The power of curating the community – Who’s IN, who’s OUT and WHY.
  • How Will set out to build the club he wanted to join – a great lesson in scratching your own itch.
  • The business model of a community – where the profit comes from effects everything other part of the business.

About our Featured Guest:

Will Bachman is the co-founder of Umbrex, a community that connects top-tier independent management consultants with one another and with clients. Go to https://www.umbrex.com/ for more information. Will also hosts the Unleashed Podcast, to listen, sign up to the newsletter or learn more, go to https://www.umbrex.com/unleashed-podcast/.

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