Building the awareness of what you want out of life is a daily pursuit that requires dedication, passion and constant self examination. With so much information at our fingertips, how do we narrow down to our core values and core ideals so that our true goals reveal themselves? On today’s episode, Matt and Greg chat with consultant, author and speaker Scott Love and discuss Gary Keller’s book The One Thing.

I don’t want to spend time in an area if I don’t have the high likelihood of a favorable outcome. When i’m pursuing a path I ask what I can do to get better odds.  -Scott Love

The chat starts with Scott Love giving background of who he is, what he does and what he got out of Gary Keller’s book.  Scott came out of the Executive search industry and he strongly believes in the concept of employing loyalty. He is also a key note corporate speaker who came across The One Thing in Barnes & Noble, and he was immediately drawn to it “I try to spend an hour a day on personal development and keep my brain full.”

He is also drawn to finding the most effective way to achieving results. He used to be a high stakes card counting player and he points out,  “There’s a defect in the game of blackjack and if you understand the math behind it you can actually exploit it legally because you’re using your brain.”

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Set goals to bring your gaze to this period of time. Focus on NOW
  • The sting of failure makes it so that people don’t go out there and try things and make mistakes.
  • Develop that experiential base so that you don’t settle.
  • Keep a journal of what your perfect day should look like. Keep refining it and redefining it and write your goals down regularly.

He goes onto to attribute a great part of his thought process to game theory. “I don’t want to spend time in an area if I don’t have the high likelihood of a favorable outcome. When I’m pursuing a path I ask what I can do to get better odds.”

In his career in executive search he learned the concept of blocking out his day and creating a budget for it by creating time blocks, a concept that’s also a huge part of Keller’s book. Scott also notes that “a successful life is a disciplined life” which is built on intention, focus, intensity & execution.

Living and thriving in the present is a concept Scott lives by. He says, “Teach people that the only thing that counts is what is happening right now.”  Matt asks Scott how decided what his one thing was? He says “For me it was deciding what I could not do without.” What he couldn’t do without was speaking and he could do without recruiting.

He addresses that highly common fear of failure that so many people grapple with. “The sting of failure makes it so that people  don’t go out there, try new things and make mistakes. There’s no such thing as failure, that’s just a feedback response.”

Scott stresses the importance of mastering your own emotional intelligence and Greg discusses how journaling has been a powerful path to success. He keeps a journal of a perfect day and he continuously refines it. Scott says journaling helps him focus and the chat winds down on the reminder of building self awareness and having audacious goals.

Building self awareness is a powerful and decisive path to knowing your dreams and making your way towards achieving them. Actions like paying attention to yourself, and counting how many times you do what you’re not supposed to do gives you an opportunity for immediate improvement. Lean on journaling and the constant refining of your goals and aspirations. The decisions we make and the actions that we take matter.

Guest Bio

Scott is a speaker, recruitment expert, consultant and author, who is a credentialed expert on the topic of employee loyalty with over two decades of high-level headhunting experience.

He has developed recruitment systems that get results for executives who want to build high performing teams. In January 2016 Scott published a book titled Why They Follow. For more information about Scott go to

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