I love Josh Smith’s quote from our recent interview with him: “Be brilliant at the things you control.”

But what does it really take to be brilliant?

Setting aside the issue of talent (which I can’t control) my feeling on this right now is:

In order to be brilliant, I have to systematically invest time in focused learning, skill-building and experimentation.

When I look at people who are super successful, they all have that ability to dive deep into a new topic, learn it inside and out, build their skills, and experiment till they get the result they want.

Same thing in the music world, where the best musicians are those who get obsessed about some super specific aspect of their instrument, or style or technique. Then they spend months or years immersing themselves in it until they master it.

I want to be so OBSESSED with the results I’m seeking that I willingly invest the time, and especially the mental focus, to be brilliant at the things I control.

Check out the interview I’m referencing: http://www.inman.com/2016/05/16/how-joshua-smith-generates-1200-leads-per-month-on-facebook/