Production Systems

Audio Editing

We start by editing the audio file, trimming the beginning and end points, removing awkward pauses, stumbles or profanity, adding any midroll ads and custom intro and outro we created for you to produce a completed episode.

Promotional Graphic

Next we create a custom Promo Graphic for each episode, featuring the Guest photo and episode title. That gives us the materials we need to turn your audio episode into a video.

Episode Video Version

By pairing your edited audio file with the Promo Graphic, we’re able to create a version of each episode for YouTube. This puts your podcast on the 2nd largest search engine in the world (behind only Google). We see very few podcasters taking advantage of YouTube!

With the right optimization your videos will be served up to potential listeners looking for educational content on your topic or watching videos on related YouTube channels.

(Behind the scenes note: On my flagship podcast – Real Estate Uncensored – almost 70% of our audience consumes our content on YouTube, and most new listeners find us on YouTube by either direct search results or by seeing our content in the Recommended Video section on the right hand side of another video they’re watching.)

Show Notes

Next come the meticulous, time-consuming task of writing the keyword-rich Show Notes for each episode. We don’t skimp here. 

Show Notes is at the heart of our ability to multiply your podcast episode into other forms of content, such as Quote Graphics, social media posts and Highlight Videos. It’s also the key to making your podcast easy for new listeners to discover on YouTube and making your website easy for Google to serve up.

Here’s an example showing the length of the Show Notes articles we typically produce. 

You can also check out a few more examples of Show Notes:

Quote Graphics

We take the Key Quote (or quotes) from each episode and turn them into Quote Graphics for social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Highlight Videos

This is a critical part of growing your podcast – giving your listeners something easy to share.

Asking a friend to listen to an entire podcast episode is a big ask. We understand that.

So we help your listeners by giving them the best 1-2 minutes of each episode for easy sharing.

We also write up a short blog post article for the Highlight Video, with its own title, short article and link to the full episode.

We also natively upload the Highlight Video to your Facebook business page or personal profile. This allows your audience (and potential listeners) to play the best clip of each episode without leaving Facebook.

Promotional Emails

Summary of the Production System

Within 7 business days from receiving an audio file, we’ll create:

Fully produced and edited audio podcast episode

High-quality, keyword-rich Show Notes article

Promotional Graphic

Video version for YouTube

1-2 Quote Graphics

Highlight Video w/Blog Post article

Promotional Email

Promotion System

Once we have all the materials we need, we send the email for your approval.

If you agree that everything looks great, we execute our Promotional System for your episode:

  • Release the audio episode to iTunes
  • Make the videos public on your YouTube channel
  • Launch your Promotional Email
  • Promote the full episode on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter using the Promotional Graphic
  • Natively upload the Highlight Video to Facebook

In summary, we focus on promoting your episode where the majority of eyeballs are – iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. 

Guest Promotion System

We don’t stop by just promoting to your social network and email list.

We want your episode to reach your Guest’s social network and email list, too.

So we give them everything they need, in the easiest form possible, to promote their episode.

We provide them the Promotional Graphic (with their picture) with links they can copy/paste right into Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. 

We also directly send them a version of your Promotional Email – just for them to forward right from their Gmail or Outlook account.

If they have an email marketing account and would prefer to send that way, we’ll provide everything they need –  from HTML or graphics to sample text – to send a full blown promotional email to their list.

Here’s an example of the Guest Follow Up Email we send when their episode goes live.

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