The future of independent podcasting really has to be niched, focusing in on the audience you really want and doing that better than everyone else. -Tim Alison

The podcasting industry is going to see a lot of change, from new formats to the entry of multi-million dollar publishers. Now more than ever, we have to see and treat our podcasts like entire businesses in their own right.

Our podcasts need to have specific intentions and goals, and we need to make sure they go in a direction that’s sustainable and gets us what we want.

How did our guest Tim Alison grow his successful podcast, Screw the Naysayers? What is the gap between old school business advice and entrepreneurship today, and why is this gap so dangerous?


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On this episode, I’m joined by entrepreneur, business coach, author and host and executive producer of Screw the Naysayers, Tim Alison. He talks about his passion for helping small business owners, and why he believes the methods he used just 2 years ago to launch his show would bomb today.

3 Things We Learned from Tim Alison

  • How thinking bigger opens up insights and opportunities we would have otherwise missed.
  • How one powerful insight from a business coach led to exploding his business to $10 million.
  • The secret to launching a successful podcast in saturated markets.

Guest Bio-

Entrepreneur, business coach, mentor, author and host and executive producer of Screw the Naysayers Podcast. At the age of 31 Tim walked away from one of the highest paying sales jobs in the country, moved to a tiny fishing village in Nova Scotia Canada, and started an educational software company. The naysayers laughed. They stopped laughing when his sales topped $10 million. Tim also runs the Profit Whisperer for bricks and mortar businesses where he specializes in helping business owners identify opportunities for improved financial outcomes.

Screw the Naysayers has featured guests from around the globe including the likes of Jack Canfield, Seth Godin, John Perkins and an eclectic mix of Thought Leaders, WSJ and NYT Best Selling Authors, CEO’s,Olympians, Paralympians, Professional Athletes and other women and men who have overcome great adversity. For more information, visit and