Podcasting is exploding into the mainstream – but is it worth the investment of time, energy and resources?

Before jumping in, it’s critical to have 100% clarity on this question:

What PROBLEM are you looking to solve through podcasting?

Here are 7 problems you can solve directly by hosting your own interview podcast.

Lead Generation – Interview potential clients on your show. Create a show that educates your target market and use it to reach out to prospects who may never take a call with you otherwise. Podcast interviews are often just the first half of a sales consultation.

Lead Conversion – Interview your successful clients on your podcast – then send those episodes to prospects. Show them what they could achieve by working with you (the fitness industry is amazing at these Before-and-After Testimonials). You can even interview your prospects once they’re in your pipeline to stay in touch.

Credibility – Interview the influencers in your target market. You get credibility by association – they get more exposure – everybody wins. Bonus – you’ll create opportunities for cooperation, cross-promotion and joint ventures.

Client Retention – Interview your most successful clients and send those episodes to all your clients. Send the message – The System Works For This Person – If It’s Not Working For You It Might Be Your Fault. This is perfect for any type of professional service where clients have to take action in order to get results.

Referrals – Interview the people who can send you clients. They might be influencers in your target market, or business owners in adjacent industries who serve the same type of client. Use your podcast to promote them, build relationships with them and send them referrals. They’ll return the favor and send you referrals for years or even decades.

Networking – Interview the influencers and give them a great experience. At your next industry event you won’t have to worry about “networking” because you’ll have meetings lined up with people you’ve interviewed on your show. It’s a great way to meet business mentors and build a powerful, informal advisory board for your business.

Employee Retention – Interview your best employees and highlight their accomplishments. Send to all your employees so they get the same message – This Person is Successful and Happy, It Must Be A Good Place to Work.

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