I was thinking about some of the things I wish I knew about podcasting before I started Real Estate Uncensored.

One was that our audience demographic wasn’t what we expected.

I assumed we’d draw young agents in large cities, people reading Tim Ferriss books and trying to use real estate as a vehicle to a 4-hr work week.

Turns out, our audience skews older and more mainstream than we expected.

The show attract many viewers in states like Florida that we’ve never targeted, plus it attracts a lot of agents who are starting over, moving to new cities or just plain burned out and looking for fresh ideas.

To turn my experience into a sweeping statement, you might say:

Your audience is who you attract, not who you target.

That’s an interesting aspect of building a new media platform.

We can speculate and target all we want.

But until we put content out there and see who responds, we don’t really know who will be attracted to our message and our style.