I’ve been digging into Corporate Lifecycles by Ichak Adizes.

The book is worth the introduction alone.

The main points are-

  • You will always have problems.
  • Some problems are normal, some are not.
  • Some problems are so universal, so expected at each stage that you shouldn’t even consider them problems. They’re just sensations. Signals that you’re growing.

That’s the thing that really jumped out to me.

The problems I will face at each stage of my business are fairly predictable.

Others have been there before and solved them. I can solve them.

And when I do, I’ll jump to a new set of problems. Bigger problems.

And all this is exactly how it should be.

I love this quote:

“You can tell the size of the person by the size of the problems that preoccupy him. Small people spend their lives worrying about small problems…Big people worry about big problems.”