I’ve been reading Gino Wickman’s book, Traction, where he describes the two key roles of a scaleable business – Visionary and Integrator.

The Visionary – Idea machine, super creative, great BIG problem solvers

The Integrator – Great at leading, managing, holding people accountable and managing projects

Here’s the challenge for most of us: Until our business generates enough profit to hire the Integrator, we ARE the Integrator.

*This applies especially if you are a speaker/coach/consultant looking to grow that business on top of another business you already run.*

Here’s the best solution I’ve learned for handling both roles (from people MUCH smarter than me).

Separate the roles as much as possible.

Be the Integrator during the workday. Be the Visionary on nights and weekends.

Be the Integrator during your coaching or consulting calls. Be the Visionary in specific blocks outside your coaching or consulting.

Super simple but it really means drawing boundaries.

It means ending the workday at a specific time.

It means setting specific days aside where I limit (or eliminate) calls.

It means not allowing small tasks to creep into the weekends.

It means setting aside time and mental space to think big picture.

It means setting aside time every Sunday to translate my big picture vision and my 90-Day Objectives into the Tasks & Projects for that week.

That allows me to run the week as the Integrator, and helps fend off the creeping dread that I’m not working on the right things during the week.