Life-Changing Book: Miracle Mornings by Hal Elrod. Mornings set the tone for our days. Whether we are proactive or reactive during our workday is heavily influenced by our morning routine. How do we ensure that our morning routine supports our goals? On this episode, entrepreneur and coach Isaac Stegman shares how Miracle Mornings has impacted his life through an ever-evolving morning routine.

When you feel like you’re being pulled apart, there’s usually some sort of lack of structural integrity in your life, or decisions that are not in alignment.  -Isaac Stegman

At the start of the show we presented the six “SAVERS” from Miracle Mornings- silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and scribing. Isaac shared how he implemented these in his own daily routine, and how he was able to overcome the challenges of learning a new system. For him personally, silence was the biggest challenge, but he is driven by accepting evolution. “Anything you do over an extended period of time is going to be an evolution because you change. Your habits, wants and needs will change.”

Next, we discussed how he successfully implements affirmations by injecting music into his daily routine. He began this by asking himself, “what do I want to tell myself about myself?” Every morning, he listen to songs that have the message that he wants to hear and believe. His take on visualization is built on the “be, do and have” concept where he puts his focus on the person he wants to be and not the things he wants to have. He added, “when you look at who you want to be, you have to be honest first about who you are right now.”

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Allow your morning routine to evolve – Don’t get too hung up on the same structure.
  • In our quest for continual improvement, we often overlook elements like environment and structure.
  • Silence can be meditation or some alternative form like active appreciation or box breathing.

Isaac also shared his approach to journaling and how he makes the process intentional. His way of journaling allows him to reflect and celebrate the accomplishments of the day. He has reinforced his journaling by using these four words as a guide: environment, purpose, integrity and contribution. We went on to discuss reading and why it’s important to go beyond reading and to actually work on mastering a book. We also discussed exercise and how it can be the anchor of the day and why it’s necessary to evaluate environment and structure when it comes to improving our lives.

There is a radical difference between being reactive and being proactive about your day. The Miracle Morning helps you nurture the structures that set up your mindset, energy and actions for what’s ahead. Use the value of positive messages to inspire you, see the right picture and help yourself follow through. Use exercise to anchor your emotional and mental state, master the content of the books you read and journal to reflect on your progress. Through all of this, be aware of environment, your purpose, the structural integrity of your life and the contribution you make.

Guest Bio

Isaac Stegman is an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach. He has personally recruited and trained hundreds of individuals in the sales and marketing field, and is considered an expert on building business relationships. He is consistently in the top 1% of his industry and has achieved numerous sales awards and accomplishments. Isaac’s current projects include business development projects, speaking and teaching engagements, business coaching, and networking with other talented business leaders. Go to to apply for coaching and find Isaac on Facebook for more information.