There were so many great quotes and takeaways from that interview, but here are my top 5.

1. Old school not only works – it’s getting more effective. As people hide behind social media more and more, tactics like handwritten thank you notes and flowers delivered to prospects after an appointment get more impactful and effective.

2. Do things that don’t scale. ┬áSocial media is vastly under-utilized for one-to-one communication. Use private messages, video posts to friend’s walls instead of a quick text post and more to separate yourself and build genuine relationships rather than shallow ones.

3. Every lead is an internet lead. Look at your online presence and ask yourself, would YOU hire you based only on what you see online?

4. Openness. Are you open to learning from people who are different, or are you closed off and only take input from those already in your tribe?

5. Educate your prospects so they get value even if they don’t work with you. This is something I focus on when I’m talking to potential clients about podcasting. I try to give them useful information, tactics and strategies for moving forward even if my service isn’t right for them at this time.

You can watch the full interview here–>

I love the phrase Do Things That Don’t Scale.

Nothing wrong with scaling up – we all want more clients, more revenue, more profits.

But ultimately, my business comes down to the strength of my relationships.

So every day I want to focus on two things:

1. Building better relationships with the people I already do business with

2. Starting relationships with people I want to do business with

If I can do that consistently and with the right mindset of caring, my business with continue to grow.