What matters is giving our clients tactics that are a window into our world of strategy.
– Matt Johnson

There’s one thing that can really frustrate you when coaching or consulting, especially if you’re a strategic thinker. The people we serve are often more interested in tactics than in strategy.

They want to know what they can DO, before they care about the WHY behind it. That frustrated me for a long time, until I came across something really interesting in a music magazine.

Music teachers experience the same frustration when students want to skip over the foundational stuff and learn the cool bits and pieces first. But the truth is, you can’t get a music student to focus on the music theory until they learn to play a bunch of different bits and pieces.

Similarly in the world of coaching and consulting, it’s hard to get someone to focus on strategy first if they don’t see the NEED yet. Tactics create the demand for strategy. Why do tactics create demand for strategy?


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In this episode, I share how we can work with our clients’ impulse to start with tactics.

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