Some entrepreneurs don’t want a huge staff or a multi-million dollar business.

Some have already built that big business, and are now building coaching and consulting businesses for enjoyment and fulfillment.

That puts them squarely in the Rainmaker model – where their staff and systems are built around making them more productive and effective.

So why focus on systems and scale in a Rainmaker business model?

Because there’s still a ton of value in creating systems and scalability in our business even if we always want to be actively involved.

Let’s compare it to attacking the summit of a mountain like Everest, where the summit is exiting or selling our business. When attacking Everest, our base camp has to be established UP the mountain to even have a shot of reaching the summit.

Building systems in our business is like moving our base camp further up the mountain.

We might not be want to attack the summit, but at least moving our base camp further up gives us the option.

If our base camp is down at the foot of the mountain, we don’t even have the option of attacking the summit.

At some point we’re going to want to take a long vacation, or life will intervene and pull us away from our business for some period of time.

The more systematic and scalable our business, the more easily we can step away.

I’m always seeking freedom in my life, and moving my base camp further up the mountain gives me freedom of choice.