There’s going to be opportunities for new speakers to get into the game if you’re aggressively going after speaking engagements now. – Matt Johnson

Speaking on a stage is one of the most important street cred indicators in thought leadership. Even though people aren’t going to events physically, the speaking space hasn’t slowed down. In fact, speaking has actually ramped up in the virtual space over the last 6 months. Thought leaders have the opportunity to play in global speaking space where people aren’t limited by location, and even a chance to get out in front of the competition when live events do return.

Virtual and hybrid events have become the new way to get in front of people, and anyone who’s able to capitalize on this time of experimentation has a real chance to overtake other thought leaders.

Where is money in events going right now and how can we get our content out to more people? What are the credibility indicators that companies are looking for when it comes to when it comes to who they choose as speakers?


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In this episode, I’m joined by the founder of Markman Speaker Management, Steve Markman. He shares what we need to be doing right now to align with the new normal in speaking.

3 Things We Learned from Steve Markman

  • The behind the scenes factors preventing events from coming back before summer 2021.
  • The reasons why 90% of all speaking gigs are unpaid (and how to become one of few who get paid).
  • Why now is the perfect time to get aggressive and start reaching out to associations and event organizers.

Guest Bio-

With over 30 years of experience in the speaker and conference business, Steve Markman is the Founder and President of Markman Speaker Management, LLC, a multi-service speaker agency founded in 1994. Steve conducts customized one-on-one virtual training and coaching sessions designed particularly for independent practitioners and entrepreneurs, such as consultants and coaches. These sessions are designed to boost visibility, generate business leads, and demonstrate thought leadership. Similarly, his firm conducts training for corporate marketing and PR/communications staff to develop or improve a company’s speaker placement process.

Steve has helped hundreds of consultants, principals, executives, entrepreneurs, and authors attain speaking engagements. His Executive Visibility Speaker service has helped clients in virtually all industries, including professional service firms, start-ups, and the Fortune 500.

Steve also runs a Speakers Bureau division, providing keynote speakers to organizations worldwide, covering a wide array of topics. Early in his career Steve headed up the conference divisions of leading organizations such as COMDEX and The Conference Board.

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