When we start to see the behavioral patterning of an individual, you can start to see very quickly whether or not it’s a match to the role you’ve created. –Sharon Miller

Hiring more often than not is something we get right after a few tries. How does cognitive bias play into the hiring mistakes we make? What’s a huge key distinction we overlook when we’re hiring? How do we determine how aligned a recruit is to the tasks and the culture we have in our business? How do we find points of alignment in a role in both skill set and EQ?

On this episode, Sharon Miller shares the system that saves us from falling into a potential cognitive bias, uncovering behavioral patterning and the evidence-based method to help us find the right people, sooner.

3 Things We Learned from Sharon Miller

  • The key reason we struggle to hire the right people
  • How to use metrics and assessments in our hiring process more effectively
  • Two key indicators of successful team members who STAY in the role, rather than leaving at the first opportunity

About our Featured Guest:

Sharon is the founder of WorkHuman, she believes that in the future algorithmic decision making will elevate HR to new levels of empowerment. Evidence-based decisions not only speed up the selection of ‘best fit’ candidates, they can also be ‘the unlock’ to reveal the potential of current employees, empowering them to find their own true ‘north star’ and lead more fulfilled working lives.

Go to https://workhuman.ie/ for more information, or get in touch by filling out this form https://workhuman.ie/contact-us/.

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