Today’s guest on Real Estate Uncensored will go deep on the difference between these two mindsets.

I’m excited to cover this topic because to me the fundamental difference is:

Salespeople go out into the wider world, find people with needs, then attempt to build trust and close the deal.

Consultants stay in touch with a predetermined group of people who WILL need their services at some point, bring consistent value and build trust with them over time.

Only THEN do they identify those with needs and make it easy to take the next steps toward working with them.

Because these approaches are so different, as entrepreneurs we usually fall into one camp or the other.

The sales mindset tends to include a culture of pride and ego, which I understand because it helps people cope with the massive amount of rejection they face every day.

The consulting mindset prevents a lot of that rejection because the focus is delivering value and identifying needs.

But there WILL be a time when consultants have to close. There’s no escaping it. People need to be led to the right decision.

So I think the best path is to combine the two approaches.

Overall, I come from the camp of the consulting approach. But I recognize that I need to improve my sales skills, so I work on that within the context of my consulting approach.

Hopefully the end result is that I attract more of the right clients.