The successful people are the ones who continue through the testing and refining period, and keep learning from what’s not working. That will start to give them momentum from there. – Rick Mulready

For many experts, where they start out is not where their business eventually evolves to as they go from being known for that one marketing tactic or platform to something different.

Breaking out of a specific niche is progression, not a full pivot, driven by wanting to focus on an overarching strategy, not just one tactic. What drives this switch, and how does it actually benefit the client? What are the online business trends emerging from the coronavirus?

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In this episode, online business expert Rick Mulready talks about shifting from being known for Facebook ads to broadening how he brands himself.

Things You’ll Learned from Rick Mulready

  • The dangers of prioritizing hacks and quick tactics over an overarching strategy and mindset
  • Why pivoting entirely in response to coronavirus is the wrong move, and how to adjust instead
  • Why successful and effective marketing is incomplete without the mindset of testing and refining the tactic

Guest Bio-
Rick is an online marketing expert, coach, speaker and the host of The Art of Online Business podcast. He’s an industry-leading authority on breaking down complex topics—like Facebook ads, automation and funnels—into bite-sized, actionable pieces for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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